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This year Buzz Lab packed up their bags and headed to the Twin Cities! The group had dinner at American Indian Center’s Gathering Café and listened to chef Austin Bartold discuss his career, philosophy, and the meal he prepared for them. They toured the American Indian Cultural Corridor.


Later interns visited Bee Sky Rises and interacted with the bee cart while Julie Benda discussed the project. Another stop at the Native American Medicine Garden area and Bee Lab brought more pollinators to the forefront of these adventures! Buzz Lab’s own Chris Baeumler lead a tour of the art department at the University of Minnesota and the interns explored more artistic elements at the Walker Art Center & Sculpture Garden.


A visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art was guided by Josie Hoffman and the interns were given a tour of some Native American Galleries at the MIA. After a busy morning at the museum, Buzz Lab headed over to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Tamarack Wetland Restoration project. The sun was setting as the group traveled back to the Fargo-Moorhead area after such unique opportunities exploring art and science!

2018 Buzz Lab ended with collaborating with artist John Hitchcock and Amanda Heidt on a pollinator-themed mural. Interns gained valuable experience in screen printing, wheat pasting, and other artistic techniques often used for public artworks. Interns had a blast designing their own images and working together to finalize the mural design.

Local photographer Falcon Gott recorded the experience for us and made this awesome video!

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