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In 2019 interns took on weeding and planting in the pollinator gardens around the Plains, reaffirming the connection between pollinators and our own local ecosystems. Community leaders and qualities of a leader were an integral focus to Buzz Lab. Many community members were brought in to share their stories and how they've created long-lasting, positive impacts on the Fargo-Moorhead community.

During the week, Falcon Gott, a local photographer, introduced the interns

to macro photography and how different elements of photography helped create unique pieces of art. Scientists, Brooke Karasch and  Megan Dornbusch, presented on insect and plant identification, emphasizing the vast diversity that exists in prairies and other local habitats. After each presentation, the interns practiced their new skills in the pollinator gardens!

Macro Photo Example

An example of macro photography. Photo taken by Emina Lalic

Interns in front of the Climate Chaser! Photo taken by Colleen Egan

The program also participated in 2019 Midwest KidFest in Fargo and worked with the Backyard Phenology Project and the Climate Chaser mobile lab. A refurbished camper turned recording studio allowed the interns to record visitor observations about the changing climate. Interns and participants were both scientists and artists collaborating through storytelling. 

Later in June Karasch led a field trip at the Ekre Grassland Preserve and interns practiced research methods capturing insects and hypothesized their own questions regarding pollinators.

The interns gathered one last time together for the summer in July. Two busy days full of poetry, screen printing, and building their very own float for the Folkways Canoe Parade. Look for our buzz-worthy float on the Red River in September!


Interns Saraa, Kairi, and Lindsey (left to right) screen print the handmade designs during a workshop session.

Photo taken by Colleen Egan

Examples of the projects the interns screen printed.

Photo by Colleen Egan

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