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What is Buzz Lab?

Buzz Lab is a paid summer internship program at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota for teens interested in art, science, and the environment. Buzz Lab interns engage in learning, teaching, creating, sustaining, and advocating for the livelihood of pollinators in a healthy ecosystem. Buzz Lab is cross-disciplinary, competitive, and a reflection of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that encompass the Fargo-Moorhead community. Each summer, selected interns get together with artists, scientists, and educators to learn and discuss the importance of pollinators, create their own works of art, and curate community actions and public art projects.


Buzz Lab began in 2013 as a component of artist Christine Baeumler’s Pollinator Garden for Plains Art Museum. The garden was created to sustain populations of species of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The garden features native prairie plants, gardens, a cistern to capture rainwater, and areas that attract pollinators and humans alike, defying the dwindling numbers of pollinators that are critical to our food supplies.

Meet the Interns!

Meet the Interns!

Buzz Lab Interns (2014-19):

Jacob Andrew, Sadie Allen, Julia Beckermann, Cadence Brandner, Maya Buffalo, Noor Christava, Jesse Christensen, Reagan Chambers, Ruby Cornell, Yuki Coyle, Cal Darling, Leo Devick, Max Devick, Josh Dorsam, Johnson John Dual, Erica Flores, Joslin Forness, Ayong Gabriel, Olivia Gariano, Josh Gingerich, Laura Gingerich, Cameron Grant, Sophie Hamre, Lily Hannaher, Will Hella, Alessa Herrera Grant, Isabetta Herrera Grant, Miró Vivielle Herrera Grant, Nina Holding Eagle-Bushaw, Scout Holding Eagle-Bushaw, Sarra Hussein, Saher Ismel, Elizabeth Krause, Nyibol Kucklong, Lily Laidlaw, Emina Lalic, Shane Lemke, Lily Long, Jamie Lopez, Sofia Lopez, Aluel Maciek, Arop Maciek, Dawer Maciek, Nadhra Mohamed, Kaha Mohamud, Jaeda Pepsin, Tai Pearson, Tia Pearson, Kairi Platfers, Abby Purcell, Taylor Qualey, Grace Rames, Mary Redlin, Lindsey Reeder, Rebecca Schermer, Laura Schott, Peyton Schuster, Adam Skoog, Summer Brooke Steinwand, Izzy Settel, Emma Swenson, Addy Thornberg, Chani Thorne, Ahren Wagner, Maggie Waslaski, Viv Wilson, Steven Vivier

Photo taken by Elizabeth Krause

Photo taken by Fia Lopez

The Buzz

The Buzz
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