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This year was full of challenges and changes within Buzz Lab. Like many others, Buzz Lab Interns had to practiced their ability to adapt and engage in new ways. We had a full group with over 30 interns and used a hybrid model for group discussion over Zoom and hands on work together in the gardens and for our big group project, Goodnight Earth.

The 2020 Buzz Lab interns present GOODNIGHT EARTH, a project made in collaboration with artist Quill River. The individual seed pillows were hand-sewn by interns, then stitched together into a collaborative quilt with the intent to interrupt the expanses of cement in our community. Pollinators, and specifically bees, can only travel up to 5 miles to locate food, water, or rest. This growing quilt intends to provide space for pollinators to find food and rest. If left to grow, over the next few weeks you will see wildflowers, lettuce, spinach, basil, and cilantro emerge.

stitching group.jpg
seedlings growing.jpg
stitching detail.jpg
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